The Guide to Good Juju Bars

in Oct 17, 2023
Everyone’s hair is different, and choosing the right hair care bar is key to get the clean, conditioned, and shiny hair of your dreams!

Natural hair care products have come a long way – and shampoo and conditioner bars are one of the latest ways to care for your hair with clean ingredients and environmental consciousness in mind.

When we set out to create our convenient, waste-free hair care bars, we committed to formulas that were earth-friendly while offering luxurious, nourishing hair care formulations – for everyone!

But choosing the right hair care bar is key to get the clean, conditioned, and shiny hair of your dreams!

Meet our complete line of shampoo and conditioner bars and find your perfect match!

Normal / Balanced Hair Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Everyone’s hair is different, so when we say “normal” hair, we mean hair that doesn’t have the tendency to feel dry & frizzy or get oily in between wash days. In other words, hair that feels balanced and doesn’t have common scalp problems!

Our Normal/Balanced hair care bars deliver deep, nourishing clean with rich lather – and balanced conditioning that leaves hair soft thanks to some key ingredients:

Normal/Balanced Shampoo bar – Hydrolyzed rice protein makes hair stronger and has been shown to significantly increase total hair volume by up to 32%.

Normal/Balanced Conditioner bar –Jojoba Oil strengthens and promotes thicker hair and Vitamin E provides antioxidant protection for hair follicles and scalp.

BOTH contain Coconut Oil – a beloved superfood and super hair care ingredient that delivers softness, shine, maintains a healthy scalp and minimizes hair breakage with vital essential fatty acids and vitamins!

Our Normal/Balanced bars are your new go-to duo for softer, shinier, healthier hair - and comes with a fresh lemongrass, sage & bergamot scent that soothes stress and anxiety!

This is an amazing product. Lovely for the hair, easy to use, easy to pack, one lather does it, and no packaging. Yay!!!!

- Lynn G.
  1. Normal / Balanced Hair Shampoo Bar
  2. Normal / Balanced Hair Conditioner Bar

Dry / Curly Hair Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Are you frustrated with frizzy, puffy, damaged, or fragile hair? Chances are that your hair could use some extra nourishing and moisturizing TLC!

Our Dry/Curly Shampoo  and Conditioner bars contain rich, botanical oils that hydrate & rejuvenate your hair, transforming it before your eyes!

Our Dry/Curly Shampoo bar gently cleanses with a moisture-rich lather, while the Conditioner combines jojoba, olive and avocado oils to fight frizz, protect from heat damage, and infuse your locks with lasting moisture.

Why dry and curly? Curly hair often tends to be dry, as it is trickier for natural scalp oils to travel down the length of beautiful loops and kinks in the hair shaft. A little extra conditioning can go a long way in defining the natural shape and texture of your curls!

Infused with organic essential oils of orange and patchouli – these bars uplift the senses with a citrusy, earthy scent.

I absolutely love how soft and silky my curls are after using this conditioner bar! I highly recommend!

- Ineke B.
  1. Dry / Curly Hair Shampoo Bar
  2. Dry / Curly Hair Conditioner Bar

Oily / Fine Hair Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Flat, dull, fine, and oily hair can bring you down – and have you washing your locks more often than necessary!

We sourced natural, targeted ingredients to help to wash these hair concerns down the drain, balancing the hair and scalp to promote healthy growth and fuller hair!

Oily / Fine Hair Shampoo Bar absorbs excess oil and balances production with kaolin clay AND encourages hair growth with green tea, aloe, and Chaga Mushroom Extract – a potent hair growth stimulator research-proven to be more effective than minoxidil – an active ingredient in Rogaine!

Oily / Fine Hair Conditioner Bar coats the hair with deep nourishment while balancing oil production.

My hair is super fine and thin, and most conditioners just weigh it down. This is the first conditioner bar I've tried that actually gives me some volume and leaves my hair feeling light. Could not be happier with my purchase. Bonus points for zero plastic bottles!

- Hannah

Why oily and fine? Fine hair tends to get oily faster as sebum from the scalp can weigh it down, making it look limp and finer and thinner. The light but nourishing conditioning ingredients in our Oily/Fine bars help to balance sebum and won’t weigh down hair, leaving it soft and tangle-free!

We know that coarse hair can get oily too – rest assured these bars cleanse and clarify thicker, coarse locks just as well with a bergamot & pink grapefruit fragrance (100% natural and organic, of course!) that leaves you feeling fresh, clean, and energized!

  1. Oily / Fine Hair Shampoo Bar
  2. Oily / Fine Hair Conditioner Bar

Scalp Care Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Great hair comes from a healthy scalp!

Dandruff, dry, itchy scalp, eczema, and product buildup can all ruin your good hair-days – and cause discomfort and sometimes, embarrassment. No more, with our Scalp Care Shampoo and Conditioner bars!

These carefully formulated bars improve your hair at the source with natural, antimicrobial charcoal that effectively removes flakes and buildup for an effective scalp detox – and aloe to soothe and repair skin cells!

Key plant nutrients provide relief from irritation and dryness, while also nourishing and penetrating the hair shaft – cultivating healthier hair.

I've had scalp issues most my life and tried all sorts of shampoos and shampoo bars. So happy I tried! My scalp hasn't itched since I started using this and my hair has never looked or smelled better!

- Anelle

My daughter suffers from eczema on her scalp and regular shampoo really affects it and makes it worse. After 10 days with Good JuJu it is gone

- Pamela

PLUS, these bars can cool the brassiness in colour treated hair – and have been used by our customers to help treat cradle cap, and care for lush beards!

Calm your scalp – and your senses with a lavender & geranium scent from essential oils.

  1. Scalp Care Shampoo Bar
  2. Scalp Care Conditioner Bar

What Makes Good Juju Bars Different?

Innovative, High-Performance, Natural Ingredients – Including Our Exclusive Strength & Shine Complex

Every bar contains this special formulation of three powerful plant nutrients, rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Sacha Inchi Oil
  • Broccoli Seed Oil
  • Snow Mushroom Extract

These 3 unique oils uniquely work synergistically to penetrate the hair shaft, improving strength and resiliency to styling and environmental damage while coating it for shine and softness like you’ve never felt before.

More Tips for Choosing the Right Bar

You Can Easily Mix and Match

  • Have dry hair, but also scalp issues? Simply use our Scalp Care bar with our dry hair conditioner to treat irritation or dandruff and moisturize your strands.
  • Have a balanced mane but leaning on your blow-dryer a lot lately? Add the dry/curly conditioner bar to your normal/balanced shampoo for some additional heat resiliency!

Your Hair Care Needs Can Change Seasonally

Winter dryness can cause itchy scalp, or you may need to switch to something more clarifying in balmy summer weather. You can customize your bars to suit what your hair needs throughout the year.

How Do I Use the Bars?

Rub the bar directly onto your wet hair, and gently massage the hair & scalp to form a rich lather then rinse thoroughly.

Just rub the bar directly onto your wet hair, and gently massage through length of hair. Rinse thoroughly.

Colour Treated Hair?

No problem! Our shampoo and conditioner bars are all safe for colour-treated hair.

Our hair care bars are for everyone – carefully pH balanced and formulated for hair of all ethnicities

Take Care of Your Bars – And Extend Their Use

Shampoo & Conditioner Bars on Wooden Soap Dish

Good Juju bars can last for as many as 75 washes – depending on hair length and washing frequency. The key to extending the use of your bar is to keep them dry between uses. The best place to store a shampoo or conditioner bar is on a soap dish, so it can drain & air dry properly between uses.

When you find the Good Juju bars for your hair care needs – you’ll get clean, conditioned shiny hair that looks and feels great – without harming the planet!

What you won’t get: harsh sodium lauryl sulphates (SLS), hormone disrupting parabens, and synthetic fragrances and dyes – promise!